PARENT Frequently Asked Questions


1.  I got a letter there is a holiday shop at my child's school.  What is it?

An in-school holiday shop is an opportunity for your child to independently shop for gifts for loved ones.  Not only is it FUN for them, they will learn about budgeting, giving, and feel a big sense of pride as they give out their hand selected gifts to loved ones.  There will be 100 options of merchandise to choose from, including gifts for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, and friends.  Gifts will come home in gift bags and ready to hand out!


2.  How much do gifts cost?

Our base pricing is from $0.25 - $13.50, but many schools choose to run their shop as a small fundraiser and mark up prices so the prices at your school may vary.  Even with the highest mark up, gifts are available starting under $1 with many options costing under $5.  Your child will bring home a money budget envelope so you can plan with them who they will be buying for and how much they can spend.


3.  How much money should I send?

That is completely up to you and your family budget.  There are multiple options for gifts under $1 or more highly priced gifts.  We suggest you take time to discuss with your child who to shop for and what they can spend.


4.  What kind of items are available?

There are gifts available for everyone your child might be shopping for.  We provide toys, jewelry, coffee mugs, ornaments, tools, slime, plushes, magnets, decor and more!  Some gifts are customized for specific people, such as coffee mugs that say #1 DAD or necklaces that display MAMA.  We do our best to provide a wide variety of options at all price points, allowing every to participate and find something they want to give.


5.  How do I pay?

You have two options:
1. Place cash or a check made payable to your child's school in the money budget envelope and send back to school on or before your child's shopping day.
2. Add funds to your child's shopping account on this website by purchasing your desired amount.  The cashiers at the store will have a record of the funds available to your child.  Please note with funds added by credit card online there is an additional processing fee.


6.  Can I help by working at the holiday shop?

Every store is run by volunteers at the school!  If you or someone you know may be available, please contact the school's front office so they can put you in touch with the holiday shop coordinator.  Volunteers are needed to help students pick out their gifts and check them out.